ANJA GALLAS photography | About

I’m lucky: I DO what I love and I LOVE what I do: I love working with people, capturing the unique moments in their lives, treasuring very special memories for them.
With my ability to connect I am able to tease out the best expressions in people. The process is fun and worked thru efficiently, assuring the results you are after.

In my ‘spare’ time I love reading (I do prefer paper books!), taking pictures (yes I do), travel (‘oh the places you’ll go’). I love living a healthy fun lifestyle too with good nourishing food, fun, exercise and chats, keeping up with current trends, grounded by history and culture. I’m a social connector and thrive with people.

Born in former East Berlin as a 70s child, and in the historic summer of 1989 at the tender age of 17 and a tiny bit I decided to take the plunge and move to ‘freedom’. The fall of the Berlin Wall let me re-unite with my family much sooner than I ever anticipated and my life started to take its own direction driven by myself (rather than being told by an authoritarian state). I love living #lifebymyowndesign.

Study, exploration, travels through Europe, the Middle East, and Australia found me open to the world and learing before returning to Berlin, Germany in 1996 for my professional apprenticeship as a photographer. During my apprentice years I studied, studied, studied, worked, worked, worked, saved my $$’s and got enough time off to explore NZ in my holidays ... lured away from Berlin for good after finishing my professional training to move to New Zealand in 1999. Gee, that makes it 17 years NZ!

Today I live in Auckland with my two children and love my life!
Even though my family and business keep me very busy – I wouldn’t have it any other way. I welcome uniqueness into my life everyday, be it in my personal or professional life.
People from all walks of life, be it mum, dad & the kids or politicians or small businesses or big corporations are my clients. The studio doors here are OPEN FOR EVERYONE. Of course we are wheelchair friendly!

A big passion of mine is working with special needs families. Thru my ‘big’ boy I learned a lot about living with autism - he has surely opened up my world in the most beautiful way.
Everyone is who they are. And beautifully so! 
The harder early years with my boy have moved into much lighter and happier days now for all of us. If you ever want to talk about autism or ask about my personal experience with it, you are very WELCOME to do so.

Within my business I always believe in giving back to the community that I work within, as they are the ones that support me the most.  I regularly support schools and community based projects or charities whether it be a gift of a service to raffle or raise funds for a new project or give my time. All you need to do now is to talk with me 

Portraiture, Commercial/Editorial, Wedding and Engagement, Fine Art, Landscape photography = ExpressionART